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LEGENDARY LOCATION: The Witch's Grave (Mesilla, New Mexico)

"If you drive to the very end of a shady road called Calle De Lupe in beautiful Mesilla, NM... you will find yourself at San Albino Cemetery.

It is a quiet, isolated burial ground, filled with many beautiful elaborate statues and sculptures.

But the grave that immediately draws your eyes sits in the center, a large, stark cinderblock and cement tomb topped with a tall black cross.

It is the only marker in the cemetery that does not have a name on it.

It is also the location of a notorious urban legend.

They call it the Witch's Grave... and despite the dramatic name, there is no record of who- if anyone- is buried there.

Nevertheless, urban legend states that this was the final resting place of a powerful- & much feared- witch, back in the nineteenth century.

Upon her death, she was buried with a large rock placed atop the site, and surrounded by a tomb that was fortified with thick layers of concrete... to ensure that she would not rise from the grave.

But cracks soon began to appear... and the people feared the witch was seeking a fissure in the tomb from which she could escape.

They say that year after year, the cracks are repaired, and re-covered by the people of Mesilla.

Yet year after year, they slowly reappear, and return, as the witch attempts to break free.

Local lore adds to this legend.

They say that some years ago, as a group of teens were in the cemetery, one of the girls lay atop the witch's tomb on a dare, and upon completing the dare and standing up, she became afflicted with a mysterious and violent seizures so serious that an ambulance had to be summoned to the cemetery.

This lovely and remote cemetery is open to visitors during the day.

But avoid at night, as neighbors do not appreciate visitors roaming around after dark and it is strongly discouraged to do so..." By: Heather Shade


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