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LEGENDARY LOCATION: Rio Vista Farm (Socorro, Texas)

"If you speak to those who have interest in the paranormal, inevitably this location will come up.

This dusty and quiet piece of land, has been recognized for its history... In fact it is a National Historic Landmark.

From a recent KLAQ article: '...the farm was built in the 1910s; it was originally called the El Paso Poor Farm in 1915. It was one of the main buildings that housed people during the Great Depression; from 1951-1964, the Rio Vista Farm was a main center for the Bracero Program, a program that brought Mexican workers to agricultural areas around the United States...' (via Daniel Paulus @

The City of Socorro's website, also has a lot of history on this location.

But the City's site has also claimed to have numerous reports of paranormal activity at the old farm site...

One of the claims, is that people have seen the spectral figures of women and children moving across the farm... When of course, no living person is there.

This place did see a lot of tragedy & suffering over the years.

There were thousands of homeless adults and abandoned children housed here during the very desperate and troubled times of the Great Depression.

There was also terrible mistreatment of those who were involved in the bracero program- 'Those that passed through Rio Vista—more than 80,000 braceros annually—were met with terrible food, humiliating medical and psychological examinations and fumigation with DDT...'(via

These old buildings still stand as a testament to this history. A place where future generations can learn the lessons of the past.

But are there spirits that are still lingering here?

In paranormal theory, a place that has housed so many human beings- and been the conduit of such intense emotion- can definitely have attachments, or activity present.

And there have been numerous local paranormal groups, that have gone out to investigate this haunted hotspot... some gathering video evidence with fascinating results.

We recently visited the site during the day... Walking solemnly through the sandy grounds.

And even though it was silent, save for the whisper of the wind, carrying the occasional tumbleweed....

We could feel the underlying energy there as well, still present... And the history, still very much alive..." By: Heather Shade


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