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LEGENDARY LOCATION: Leisure Lane (Clint Texas)

"'Leisure Lane, local legend warns, is the favorite haunting spot of a terrifying ghost. So his story goes, he was a pastor possessed by evil who brutally murdered his wife and two children by decapitating them, then killed himself. His family’s heads were never found, but their bodies were discovered in the water tower nearby. The ghost is said to hang out at the intersection jumping onto car hoods and scaring passersby.' (via

...with a description like that, most people would AVOID this place.

But there are those curiosity-seekers, who would test their fate.

And we admit to being curious.

So we headed out to see this local haunt.

We found the area quickly, but didn't notice the water tower immediately. It is set back from the road, hidden away in a tangle of twisted trees and bamboo thickets.

But one thing did catch our attention immediately- a strange trail of bones, that started right at the edge of the roadside, and led directly i a line, into the clusters of trees (see video in our previous post)...

So like a darker version of Hansel & Gretel, we followed the trail of bones... Which led us right to the base of the water tower.

There is definitely a very dark & spooky energy at this location. The water tower itself exudes a strange vibe.

It's the kind of place that makes your hairs stand on end.

As we were there during daylight hours... We didn't get to test out the terrifying legend.

But the idea of a deranged ghost flying onto the hood of your car, out here, in the quiet darkness...

Well, it is definitely unsettling..."

We do plan to go back again soon to investigate further, and gather more video.

Have YOU ever been to Leisure Lane? We would love to hear your story.


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