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LEGENDARY HAUNTED LOCATION: Ascencion Blvd (Horizon City, Texas)

"In the dusty Texas desert sits the town of Horizon.

It's a smaller place, just outside the El Paso city limits, but a world removed from the city.

And near this quiet town, there is a long, lonely road, winding past the local middle and high school, continuing out... Past the lessening signs of civilization, and then further out, into the desert...

Its name- Ascencion Blvd. It's reputation- quite chilling.

You see, they say that if you drive down this road at night, as you approach Mountain View High School you may see a ghostly figure of a young man appear, walking along the roadside.

Most would assume car trouble or other issue, when seeing someone in this location, walking. late at night...

And drivers have often pulled over to offer the fellow a ride, or some assistance, only to be shocked to see him fade into the desert night, disappearing with no explanation...

Nobody really seems to know the identity of this phantom, but it's usually mentioned in connection along with the other well-known legend of this byway- that over the years, there have been many bodies found alongside it.

Believe it or not, stories like this are not too farfetched- in the past, there actually have been numerous bodies discovered off of this isolated desert road on the outskirts of the city.... victims of accidents, suicides, and even murder.

There are many memorial markers along the road.... telling a sad tale of those lost.

And this particular entity, is most often seen in the vicinity of one of these markers.

The many reports over the years, recording these sightings of the mystery man on Ascension Blvd, bear witness to the legend's history.

This is not the only ghost story of this area.

But who is this particular specter? We don't know, and maybe we aren't ever meant to.

Sometimes the desert stubbornly keeps its secrets." By: Heather Shade


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