Reviews Of Our Tours...

Below, check out a sampling of reviews from some of our ghost tour guests!
"Went on the Concordia Tour, it was amazing. Lots of great El Paso history, and interesting paranormal activity and lore. Will DEFINITELY be doing more!!! GREAT TIME" -Jess H, July 28

"Thanks for tonight, so much fun! Was awesome to hear about all of the stories and history. I was fine through the whole thing until we got to the infant nursery. As soon as you guys started talking I instantly got covered in goosebumps, like my goosebumps has goosebumps, from head to toe. When we moved away, they went away. So much fun! Also crazy to have seen all the offerings people leave on the graves! We will be back again for more, can't wait!" Dani S, March 18

"Participated in the San Eli Spirit Walk tonight and I was blown away by the whole experience. The staff is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable plus that go the extra mile by setting the mood with awesome costumes. The route was well thought out and flowed nicely and finally the content was engaging and very interesting. I highly recommend giving them a shot, I know I'll be coming back for more!" -Mike M, March 31

"Thank you for an amazing time tonight! The stories about the different areas of the Concordia Cemetery were amazing, and it has me sitting at the dinning room table at 4:30 in the morning reading up on the cemetery itself and many people buried there! Myself and my family enjoyed it a lot and hope to do it again soon!" -Cody A, March 18

"Thank you for an amazing time tonight! It was the perfect night to have an historical and paranormal adventure. All the stories about the people who rest peace in the Concordia Cemetery were amazing. My friend Maura and myself are already planning out next adventure with you guys. We hope to do it again soon." -Claudia G, June 17
"Awesome tour of Concordia Cemetery. Loved learning about the history and stories and meeting the amazing people at lost el paso paranormal. they are truly passionate about what they do and work very hard to preserve the cemetery. It's an experience I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Thanks again lost el paso!!!!" -Hannah C, March 18

"Attended the San Elizario ghost tour and it was pretty amazing!! It was very interesting to learn all the history behind that area. It painted a really good image in my mind of how it was back in those times." -Laura C, Feb 24

"I was pleased to find the tour very historical and informative. I love El Paso history. Thank you for the fun bar crawl. I found a few spots I never knew about and will definitely return. I’m looking forward to doing another great tour soon." -Jessica C, May 20

"Did 4 different tours in the last year and enjoyed every tour! Love the stories about the history mixed with the paranormal stories. Unfortunately we are moving so cannot attend more, but definitely recommend everyone to do the tours this team is offering!" -Eveline EP, June 16

"Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I had a great time this past Saturday 3/17/2018. Got a lot of unusual pictures too. We definitely go on more tours." -Diana A, March 19

"Great tour guides! Friendly, knowledgeable, in costume, and you could hear every word! Came down from Las Cruces NM and will be back for more!" -Rink S, July 8
"This was better than expected! First time I have ever done something like this and I picked a good day. After being up at 3am for working, working 13 hours, going home to clean up and get ready and then be there by 830pm seemed a little tough. I have NEVER gotten a second wind like this tour gave me and I want to thank the well dressed gentleman for giving us the tour. I was stoked and will see how many more events I can make it too so I can support this absolutely incredible cast of characters and these amazing places they go to!!!" -Brian S, Oct 14 2017

"Last night was really amazing. Learned a lot and had a great time. Definitely doing this again." -Adrian S, May 21

"Very much enjoyed last nights tour! I can’t say I’ll ever see downtown the same way again." -Alpha L, July 8

"Had alot of fun & learned alot of cool history about downtown El Paso. Will be attending another tour soon!!" -Victoria E, March 4

"My daughter and I went to the Brothels and Bordellos tour, we had a fabulous time learning and taking our cameras out just to see if maybe if....we'd see some kind of energy lurking. Thank you for the history of El Paso. I want to learn more!!!!!" -Lorena F, Nov 8 2017
"I really enjoyed all the stories and the history! Great job!! Will definitely go on more tours!!" -Yvette H, March 31

"It was very interesting lots of information really great people" -Jo J, April 21

"Fantastic informative tour! Well worth the money." -Emmalee F, May 13

"Awesome is the word for this tour! Highly recommended!" -Larry R, June 17

"Went on the Friday 13th tour at Concordia Cemetery and had a blast with my husband! Our tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable! Definitely will continue to go our y'all's tours :)" -Jessica G, Oct 14 2017

"Very informative tour!! Best part you ask? Dressing up in costume" -Angie M, July 15