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True Crime El Paso Walking Tour

Are you ready to take a walk on the dark side of local history? Join us at the scene of the crime... This is El Paso's FIRST & ONLY True Crime Tour Experience!

Let our costumed storytellers guide you by lantern-light through the streets & alleyways of Downtown El Paso, on an ORIGINAL 2-hour outdoor walking tour, of TRUE CRIME history.

Visit the actual sites of notorious crime scenes.
Listen to true tales of local unsolved mysteries.

This is a BRAND-NEW tour experience, crafted specifically for aficionados of the true crime genre. 

This is one of our darkest tour experiences to date (ADULT SUBJECT MATTER)


Visit the former haunting hangout of one of America's most shocking serial killers (the Night Stalker)... Hear the story behind El Paso's most infamous missing couple, never found to this day... Relive the shocking scenes, of the underground Chinatown murders... See the streets & corners where some of the most well-known outlaws roamed... Wonder at a still-unsolved Downtown murder committed during a President's visit... Learn the scandalous & violent history of the city's brothels & madams... And dig into even MORE, of DTEP's dark secrets.

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