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UNUSUAL ARTIFACT: Black Mirror (from LEPP's Personal Collection)

"The black scrying mirror, or magick mirror, is said to be a powerful psychic tool.

Some believe that it can bring the user hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability, and can act as a portal to other planes of existence. History shows its use in many of the traditional mystery schools, and oracular temples.

This particular mirror pictured here, is a part of our traveling paranormal exhibit, The Lost Sideshow.

We are collectors of things that are strange, interesting, and unusual... And I finally acquired this one, after having wanted my own black mirror for years. This one is made of real black glass, and was imported from France.

Pieces from this collection are exhibited in El Paso on a limited basis, several times a year.

Most of the items in the exhibit, are not be be touched- but we DO allow people (the brave ones)- to peer into the black mirror, if they dare...

And the results have been surprising... As some have claimed to see terrifying visions when looking into it's endless depths.

One woman took a long look into the mirror, and turned pale with shock before pushing it away. She claimed to have seen herself aging forward in a matter of seconds, growing older and more ancient until finally, she was faced with her own corpse looking back at her.

Another guest cried out in fear after peering into this mirror... He reported seeing a perfect twin of himself, standing right behind him in the glass's reflection, peering over his own shoulder, and grinning an unnaturally-wide grin from ear-to-ear.

Some people get very freaked out from taking a glance into this shadowed glass- And many of them won't say exactly what they have seen.

When this item is not on display for brief times, we keep it bound, and safely stored away. This is one, that we don't play around with.

But if you catch up with us one of these days, during one of our exhibits... We invite you to take a peek into its depths... If you dare." By: Heather Shade


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