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LEGENDARY LOCATION: Abandoned Wallacetown (Cornudas, Texas)

'If you head out east into the open desert on Montana Avenue, about 45 miles outside of the El Paso city (in Cornudas), you will see a large, vacant, seemingly-abandoned Old West town sitting alongside of the highway, in the middle of nowhere...

This is Wallacetown... the unfulfilled dream of a Florida businessman named Jerry L. Wallace.

It was intended to be a multi-million dollar Old West resort, complete with timeshare condos for lease, Old West shows, a spa and pool, golf course, a rodeo arena and equestrian center; some of the buildings were purchased and moved from the Franklin Town attraction on far east Montana (Rancho Escondido). It boasts a full western town including an amazing, gorgeous full saloon in the largest building.

But the project stalled over financial issues and complications over the land years ago, and so the Old West town sits, now a ghost town, out on the highway...

These photos were taken about a few years ago, when we had the pleasure to tour and explore old Wallacetown... an amazing experience.

Last we heard, this ghost town is now available for lease, or for sale... if you have deep pockets and a desire for your own Old West town!" By: Heather Shade - Tour Guide


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