Getting Lost...

Hi, I'm Heather Shade, and I'd like to welcome you to our blog. Yes I have always been weird. Why do you ask?

I have had a lifelong love for all things creepy and weird. I grew up loving Universal Horror and Scooby Doo. I wanted to be Velma, and also Nancy Drew. I went crazy for anything with ghosts or spookiness in it. I lived for Halloween (still do). As I grew older, my pursuits into the mysterious became more serious as I spent many millions of hours poring through my parent's Time-Life Mysteries of the Unknown book sets. My love for the odd and unusual only grew. Also, I've always felt at home in cemeteries. Yes, I'm weird. So it was fortuitous when a few years ago, I got the amazing opportunity to co-author a most awesome book, Weird Texas. I got to travel all over my fair state and investigate into it's creepiest nooks & crannies. It is a venture that I am incredibly proud of to this day, and also, one of my greatest adventures. But the adventures must always continue!

Nowadays, I work with a crew of amazing people who are just as weird as me (hell yeah). We are a crazy group that includes artists, poets, authors, costume & fx designers, historians. We lead our own original ghost tours in our city... and we put our heart into every tour that we do, each being carefully crafted and originally written by us, ourselves. We strive to seek out the mystery and history of our hometown, El Paso Texas, and to share that in a unique, informative, and ENTERTAINING way. We are Lost El Paso Paranomal. Come get lost with us, won't you? This is our little corner of the internet. We will be posting lots of spooky goodness and topics of all things paranormal, historical, and mysterious here.... and we will also be sharing details & info from all of our ghost tours and various other adventures, so save us, bookmark us, stay tuned!


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